Hello world!

I’ve always had the idea to create a blog to share things I find interesting, with not only the world, but also with the people of Taiwan.

As opportunity would have it, I’m currently taking an online course, Strategic Marketing 2.0: Social Media and Other Innovative Technologies, at UC Berkeley Extension and part of the assignment is to create a blog! Finally I have no excuse to procrastinate~

I love to browse the web and read articles that I’m interested in. And I’ve always wished that Chinese readers have more access to information that are beyond their language scope.

So whether or not you know Chinese or English, if you’re curious about Taiwan (now that Jeremy Lin has made it famous) or about beauty, self-help, social media (since I am taking this course) this is a good place to start. I know my blog will continue to evolve as I try to refine (and not confuse you!) my topics of interest. It’s my way of spreading the word or knowledge just a little further.

By the way, my Chinese abilities can be called conversant, at best….so please excuse my mistakes.

And I’d love to hear about your experiences or what you know, so definitely feel free to leave comments, it’s actually another key place where I find new information too!


我目前在網路課程,叫做戰略營銷2.0:社會媒體和其他創新技術,在柏克萊加州大學分校, 需要創建一個博客!所以,我沒有任何藉口繼續拖下去了!






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