Seth Godin on the Fear of Being Wrong 錯誤的恐懼

I stumbled upon this post recently and I have to say it has hit me to the core. The post is from Seth Godin’s blog. Below are a few points I like.

最近我發現了這個博客文章,真的刺激到我了。 博客文章是由塞思戈丁,營銷大師。以下幾點是我喜歡的。

The Overwhelming Fear of Being Wrong 錯誤的恐懼              

She didn’t vote because she was afraid her candidate would lose.


They don’t want to buy insurance for their business because the policies are too complicated and they might buy the wrong one.


He doesn’t want to buy the book because he might not like it. It’s better to waste two or three hours doing something he’s certainly not going to like instead.


Better not to hire a coach or go to a therapist or even pick a doctor, because you might discover that you’ve been doing something wrong.


They sell more wine in places where there aren’t so many wines to choose from, because complicated selection processes make it easier to buy nothing. <– This is the gold!


He said fear is the one element every product or service has to overcome.


I knew of him when my friend recommended one of his books. But it was in my usual search for articles on marketing, social media, and spirituality (wide range….I know), that I came across his blog and this wonderful post. Because my goal is to, within a short amount of time, to learn more about myself, to rid the fear and the ever doubting voice in my head, and to find a job that I want to do that inspires me or simply makes me happy, I always feel like there’s not enough time.


A lot of us are vying for time, time to do this and do that. Like I’m always discovering new books I want to read/learn from and end up with a long “to read” list. I go into the mode where I fear I’ll waste time, fear that I won’t learn anything new or it won’t help me that I end up not reading as much as I wanted to and actually wasted time. =.=||| ugh….


After reading this post, I’m able to quickly recognize this about myself:

  1. I’m not reading Spiritual Warrior because I’m afraid that it won’t help me.
  2. I’m not reading The Power of Now because I fear I won’t be changed by it (even though he’s one of Oprah’s favorite teachers on spirituality).


  1. 我不讀書Spiritual Warrior,因為我怕它不會幫助我。
  2. 我不讀當下的力量,因為我怕自己不會被改變(雖然作者是歐普拉最喜歡的心靈保健老師之一)。

The funny thing is I want to read them!!! I could have been finished with one of them by now!!!


The lesson: Don’t waste time thinking.



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