Villa Sugar 三芝海邊的巴里島風情咖啡館

We took three babies and ventured in an afternoon full of food, coffee, sand, and beach. The babies had some sea salt but us adults knew better. We spent a wonderful afternoon at Villa Sugar in Sanzhi, New Taipei City. It’s a little north of Danshui, a very popular local and tourist destination.

First I want to inform all those with crawly babies, this is a cafe/restaurant that is somewhat suitable for your kids. You can see in the picture below, there are what I call wooden floor seating that you can let your babies crawl on while you sip on that badly needed caffeine.

HOWEVER, there is only one small area indoor that has this space, so you better make a reservation with this specific request if you want to use this space. We were lucky that the people before us just left as we arrived. (We had another reservation at another place but it was dark and dingy and no floor seating, so I quickly walked over to Villa Sugar to see if they have room. I have to say we were VERY lucky.)

Yay! Floor seating! It’s about knee-high, so you’ll still have to keep a watchful eye on those little speedsters. There’s another 4-seat area adjacent to us, so it fits 2 families or 1 big family.

There is additional floor seating outside in the back of the cafe. So on a non-raining day, you can let your babies crawl all over. The brick wall is not attached to the sitting area, so you can’t lean back.

There’s also wooden floor seating outside (to the left). More suitable for babies who can already go up and down by themselves. Seating is not set against the brick wall, so you can’t lean back.

Back to the cafe. Lots of seating inside and outside. There’s even a 2nd floor with a patio for you enjoy the view of the beach. The only issue I have is that it’s air-conditioned and growing up in Los Angeles, I don’t like sitting in an AC room. The 1st floor only has fans, which I think are perfect. Then again, I am very heat-resistant, I crack under cold temperature XD.

Qianshui Bay 淺水灣站

For those using public transportation, you can take the bus from MRT Danshui Station to the Qianshui Bay stop. The bus stop is literally right next to the cafe.

Now my favorite part…the food!

We ordered two meal sets and each set came with soup, salad and a drink. Those weren’t mine, so I don’t know how they taste….sorry~ Each meal set (beef stew and seafood pasta) was about ~NT$500, a la carte is ~NT$300.

Part of the meal set – salad and pumpkin soup

Part of meal set – beverage – this one is ice coffee and fruit tea…again I forget….I also forgot to take a picture of the menu >”<

French style Beef Stew Rice with Red Wine Sauce 法式紅酒燉牛肉販

Ink Spaghetti with Seafood in Garlic Sauce 香蒜海鮮烏賊麵

I had the German Sausage pizza and the Hawaiian pizza, ~NT$350 each.

*Note: According to the menu, pizzas aren’t served everyday, so be sure to ask before you have your heart set on pizza.

The pizzas taste good. The sausage didn’t taste like Taiwanese hot dog, thank goodness. Taiwanese hot dog can be found in anything labeled “sausage” or in breakfast shops that make Taiwanese breakfast sandwiches like Mei R Mei. They don’t taste like American hot dogs and frankly one of my least favorite things in Taiwan. Kind of reminds of mini hot dogs, but not as good. Pizza was flavorful with lots of toppings and had crunchy thin crust. It was quite filling.

German sausage pizza

The Hawaiian pizza doesn’t have ham! (gasp) It does have really fresh shrimp and pineapple. It was surprisingly delectable. It was flavorful and all the ingredients taste like the way you would imagine it would taste. Local cultures tend to adapt foreign foods into something that would suit their palate, and the two pizzas I had didn’t have that, which is what I tend to prefer.

Sometimes you’ll get this sweet dough or sweet cheese and I just don’t like it and it’s not because I need my food to be exactly the way I find them in the states. No, I don’t mind trying to new things or new twists; in the end it’s all about whether I like the flavor or not.

What really surprised me was how fresh the shrimp is. I don’t love seafood or anything that tastes “fishy”, even when it’s fresh. But I do eat shrimp and crab. However, oftentimes these cafe shrimps tend to taste “fishy” (if you know a better word, please let me know) and it may be freshness related or different types of shrimp. Either way I’m usually wary of any seafood. Here, no “fishiness”, just sweet tasting shrimp! Yum~

Hawaiian pizza – has no ham but there’s shrimp and pineapple. Delicious!!! And the shrimp is FRESH!

I really like the latte. Again, I was surprised. When trying a new cafe in Taiwan, it’s always either a hit or miss for me, rarely  in between. The latte had body and the flavor really lasted. I don’t like it when at first sip or towards the end, the coffee tastes tart, acidic.

Latte ~ hmmmm…goooood~

Okay, as I’m writing this post, I found out that the reason the food tastes so good is because the chef came from Hotel Royal Hsinchu. That explains a lot! That explains why the sausage doesn’t taste like Taiwanese hot dog @@!!!!

Menu: Between watching babies and hunger…I forgot to take pictures of the menu =.=. Thanks to our wonderful, informative Taiwanese bloggers, I found one by Kai –【散步】三芝淺水灣villa sugar。峇厘島度假去 :D.

View from the back

There’s lots of seating outside, but not suitable when it rains, like it was doing on and off yesterday.

Nice view but you’re not actually that close to the waters nor is it sandy. So we had to walk about 10 minutes further down the road to access the beach. And along the way there are other cafes like this with the beach view. However I don’t know how they are, will post if I ever try the other cafes.

You can rent beach motorcycles though. XD

There’s a small public parking lot adjacent to Villa Sugar. And if you walk further down the road, like we did, to get to the beach, there’s a bigger public parking with bathrooms and showers and hoses to clean off sand. Showers and hoses costs NT$10 – NT$20.

Service was great. We had 3 babies with us, so we were pretty noisy and constantly asking for napkins. They were very nice, quick, and came over often to clear our table.


Sugar Villa has its own website –

They even have 6 virtual tours of their place:

Day –

Night –

1st Floor –

2nd Floor –

Trendy Lounge (Adjacent 2nd Floor?) –

Romantic Ambience –



Add: 台北縣三芝鄉土地公坑54-16號
No. 54-16, 土地公坑, Sanzhi District
New Taipei City
02 2636 1585

Business Hours: Weekdays 11AM ~ Midnight (Except Cafe will be opened till 2AM next day if that next day is a holiday, whether weekend or government designated day off…like holiday.)

Winter hours will change – but they didn’t specify what. If you go during winter, be sure to call first.

Other Info: Minimum charge NT$150 and no outside food.

There’s WIFI but we had difficulty connecting to it.

They also have outdoor area to rinse sand off. But you have to inform the staff for that access.

Bathroom (tiny) has toilet seats, yes! No squat toilet.

Next to Qianshui Bay bus stop (淺水灣站)

Parking: There is a small one on the side. Or a bigger one about 10 min walk further down, or on the side of the road if you prefer.


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