Loccitane Café 歐舒丹 Café – Taipei, Taiwan

I finally went to Loccitane Cafe in Taipei. It’s a short walk from MRT Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station. To be honest I was a little worried because I read a reviewer’s blog and she said it’s not bad…that means it’s passable?

But it turned out to be pretty good! I was surprised because I don’t like it when they try to cater too much to local palate and I half expected it to be so. I like my western food to taste like western food and that’s what I had here.

When you first walk in, you’ll need to pass their actual shop…cool marketing gimmick…before you reach the cafe.

We also got a 10% discount when we checked-in on Facebook, so look for special promotions displayed in the cafe. Also if you have a Loccitane membership card, I think you get 10% off every time.

I ordered a new item, Croque Madame. It’s basically a ham and cheese sandwich. Sometimes it’s the simple things that taste best. Vinaigrette is good. I think it’s balsamic. The eggs! Usually I don’t like it this wet but that little black garnish is olive tapenade I think. So the juices soaked up the tapenade and fully flavored the eggs with just that little bit! Delicious.

Croque Madame NT$250

Smoked Duck Breast with Baguette NT$280

My friend had the smoked duck breast. She said it’s pretty good too. But I don’t like duck, so I didn’t try.

Served with Baguette

I had meal set, which came with a drink and I ordered the Vegetable Yogurt (NT$200). I forgot to take a picture.

It’s celery blended with yogurt with a hint of mint. I’m fine with celery, I know some people aren’t. So I think it’s good and think the mint really added a nice dimension to it.

Free Gift!!!

Every one got a shower gel at the counter in the shop when you leave~ :D

Cute restroom area. I used their Verveine Hand Lotion. I quite like it. It feels like my skin is actually absorbing some of it. My hands can be quite dry due to my constant washing (and that’s without using soap). I’ve used many drugstore brands like Jergens or Nivea lotions and they do nothing, just sits on top of my skin. Crabtree & Evelyn is useless on me too. But I rather buy it when I get back to the states, it’s cheaper there than in Taiwan.

I would definitely come back here again to try other stuff~~~ :D:D:D


L’Occitane Cafe

106 台北市大安區光復南路290巷32號1樓
1F., No.32, Ln. 290, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (Exit 2 – MRT Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station)

Telephone: 02-2741-8756

Business Hours: 11AM ~ 10PM (last order at 9PM)

Minimum charge per person: NT$160

Maximum dining time: 2 hours

Does not take reservations.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LOCCITANE-Caf%C3%A9-Taiwan-%E6%AD%90%E8%88%92%E4%B8%B9Caf%C3%A9/306609512773441


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