NARS Tinted Moisturizer Review – Alaska


I’ve been on a shopping spree at NARS and I got a 15ml sample of their Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska, which my cool salesperson picked out for me.

Now, I’m comparing it to Smashbox’s BB Cream in Light and Smashbox’s CC Cream in Light.

Verdict: I find that the NARS Tinted Moisturizer is somewhere in between the BB and the CC and I really really like it.

A little really goes a long way and it’s also more matted in texture than the CC cream. It spread very easily and it feels very light and sheer but it’s pigmented enough to even-tone your skin. Feels almost second-skin.

It’s also a better fit in terms of color for me. When squeezed out, I can see that has more yellow pigment than the CC Cream.

Color: It’s more yellow than the CC cream which is more yellow than the BB cream. The tinted moisturizer appears more second skin than the Smashbox creams and at the same time still feels hydrating.

Smashbox BB Light (Left) – Smashbox CC Light (Center) – Nars T.M. Alaska (Right)

Smashbox BB Light (Left) – Smashbox CC Light (Center) – NARS T.M. Alaska (Right)

Smashbox BB Light (Left) – Smashbox CC Light (Center) – NARS T.M. Alaska (Center)

I know it’s hard to tell, which is why I took so many pictures, but the NARS is yellower. The Smashbox CC has a hint of pink next to the NARS.

But when warmed and spread out, they are all yellow-pigmented. So for those that worry you’ll look ghostly white, there’s no need.

Smashbox BB Light (Left) – Smashbox CC Light (Center) – NARS T.M. Alaska (Right)

Texture: As I mentioned in my Smashbox review, the CC cream is definitely more hydrating, almost more moisturizing, in comparison. It appears more dewy on my skin, compared to the BB cream (more matted). So texture-wise I preferred the BB cream. However, the NARS has very similar texture to the BB cream! And it’s more yellow-pigmented than the BB cream and has a thinner consistency which means it feels even lighter than the BB cream.

The thinner consistency is also probably why it spreads easier than Smashbox.

CC cream, now that I’ve compared 3 products, is definitely more suitable for those with drier skin or for drier climates or environments that dry skin during the day like a strong AC room. I think I’ll save my CC cream for middle of winter.

Coverage: I think it even-tones my skin better than the CC cream. I think it’s because it has better coverage than the CC. But the BB still covers more than the NARS. The NARS lightens up my blemish scars better than the CC but it doesn’t cover it. The BB lightens the scars even more but it adds a very light “white” effect to my complexion.  But since the NARS needs very little in application, you can layer it to get more coverage, probably to the same effect as that of the BB’s. However if you want to completely cover scars, you’ll have to add concealer.

Duration: Worn it for an entire day without using NARS Pore Refining Primer or Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

I did finish the make up with a press powder like I usually do. Also, it’s been more humid lately.

And it stayed on very well. I’ve also been using the CC cream without the primer and I found that it stays. Which made me realize that a primer improves staying power when you produce a lot of oil (like during summer for me).

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